St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church

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Stewardship: Giving Time, Talent & Treasures

A Philosophy Aligned with Our Parish Vision to Grow Our Ministries and Outreach with a Focus on Youth Ministries

Our Parish Vision:

To understand, practice, and proclaim the Orthodox Christian faith, and make the church the center of family life.

Our Parish Mission:

To engage our faithful through our ministries and outreach programs.

Our Parish has flourished since its inception in 1974! Our goal is not to only sustain but grow our Parish membership, ministry offerings, and outreach opportunities. To prepare our community for our children’s children, we need to keep imagining the possibilities for our future!


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Understanding Stewardship

The Church belongs to each of us. It is our second home. It is a place to come together to learn the teachings of Jesus Christ and enjoy Orthodox Christian fellowship. It is a place where we meet others of the same faith and value system. To sustain a place of worship, we are obligated to fulfill certain needs, both functional and financial. As our Church community grows, our needs increase. The Church requires the time, talents, and treasures of all of our members to function successfully.

What is Stewardship? Why is it important?

Stewardship supports the Orthodox Christian practice of consistent, cheerful and purposeful giving of timetalent and treasure in support of our Church and its ministries to help further the word and teachings of Jesus Christ. On a personal level, it supports and showcases a life being lived in Christ. Stewardship creates and fosters a spirit of generosity and giving for the Glory of God. When we are generous and give freely of our time, talent, and treasure we proclaim, preserve, and practice our Orthodox Christian faith and make a difference in our parish and community.

What does it mean to be a Steward?

Stewardship is a personal responsibility and prayerful commitment that each and every Christian makes in order to support the Church. Stewardship helps us understand that God is the true owner of our possessions, and each of us is accountable to God for the acceptable care and use of those possessions. According to the Bible, a steward is one who responsibly manages the gifts entrusted to them for the perpetuation of the Lord's work. A steward honors and glorifies God.  

How does Stewardship help The Church?

Money is a necessary tool for ministry. Every act of giving, no matter the size, makes a difference. Generosity is contagious. The Church's mission of salvation and evangelism depends directly on our generosity. Stewardship is vital to our Church and, among many things, helps to:

·       Provide religious services, sacraments, and couseling

·       Provides visitations to the hospitalized

·       Minister to the community outside of our Church walls

·       Offer help and support to those in need

·       Support those who serve us 

·       Support our Metropolis

·       Keep our church in good condition

.       Grow our spiritual, youth and fellowship ministries 



Time and Talent

Time and Talent is getting involved with the Church, both in your participation in ministries and offering your volunteer time, as well as your talents, to help further the Church's mission and ministries. If you have any professional or occupational skill that you would like to offer to the Church on a volunteer basis, please contact the Clergy, or any member of the Parish Council or Stewardship Committee.

Talents can be as simple as being a reader to organizing a fundraiser. Maybe you can sing well or write well, are knowledgeable about technology, marketing, public relations, or you can bake or cook well. Whatever the talent, we are called by God to share them and each of us has many talents to share in the service of our Parish and the community at large. Think of all the different talents you have and how you could use them to benefit others and the Church. We need everyone's talents, so the burden isn't left to a small group.

The world of today is a fast-paced, time consuming place. We never seem to have enough time. The irony is time was given to us by God, and us humans, in our wisdom have figured out endless ways to use it or waste it. Could there be any greater use of our time than that spent serving God in fulfilling His mission, serving the Parish, and our fellow brothers and sisters?   


Frequently Asked Questions



How Can I Make A Financial Contribution

There are many ways to make your financial contribution to Stewardship at St. Nectarios.


Payable to:          Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church
133 S. Roselle Road
Palatine, IL 60067


Please provide your name, credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), credit card number, and expiration date by either calling the Church office and filling out a Stewardship Card by hand or On-line. You can set up a recurring payment option as well. *Our church will Auto-renew your monthly stewardship unless told otherwise.

Interested in Mobile Text Giving

 Please Click Here for instructions and more details


Stock donations may provide certain tax benefits (please check with your accounting professional for tax advice).

Eligible securities for donation require the following information supplied to your broker or brokerage firm:


DTC #0235

Credit A/C #7B802179

Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nectarios

 Please notify the Church office when you donate securities and include the name of the securities and quantity so we can confirm receipt with the Church’s banker.