To be the foundation of faith, family and
community by inspiring people to follow Christ.

In our welcoming spiritual home, we live, teach and share our Orthodox Christian faith.
We serve all people through Christ’s love and teachings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Rental

Interested in Renting a Premier Facility for Your Next Event? Take a Virtual Facility Tour Now!

Contact the Church Office at or 847-358-5170 Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Click Here To Download PDF

Prayer Path

Our beautiful prayer path has been blessed and is open to our community.  It is a wonderful way to appreciate the land God has blessed us with, and to reverently enjoy the beautify of the outdoors and icon stations.  Please contact the office for specific instructions on where and when to enter.

Is there a live stream?

Is there an online chapel?

Is there a Church Calendar?

Written By: St. Nectarios GOC

Published On September 8, 2022

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