To be the foundation of faith, family and
community by inspiring people to follow Christ.

In our welcoming spiritual home, we live, teach and share our Orthodox Christian faith.
We serve all people through Christ’s love and teachings.

Returning Visitors

Thank you for your continued interest in our community!

As a church, we are committed to the person of Jesus Christ, and we base our teaching upon the revealed word of God. It is our desire that people come to place their trust in Christ to forgive them and lead them, and that they grow in their relationship with him. We feel God is doing extraordinary things among extraordinary people and would love to see you be a part.

We delight in your continued commitment of your life to Christ during our morning worship service. This was indeed the most important step in your life. Not only does it have eternal consequences (your place in Heaven) but you will discover profound changes for the good in your life.

Let me encourage you to begin reading the Bible and praying each and every day. You may also want to share your newfound faith with others as He gives you opportunities. This helps us grow and mature in Him. It is very important to get involved in a bible teaching church, which we are at St. Nectarios. We hope to see you again this Sunday.

If there is in any way we can be of service to you, please contact my office 847-358-5170. We look forward to seeing you again!

In Christ,

Rev. Fr. Chris R. Mihalopoulos
Parish Priest of Saint Nectarios Church

Written By: St. Nectarios GOC

Published On November 29, 2022

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