Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Stewardship and Giving


What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the personal and financial contribution parishioners make to support the operation of our Church.


What are Stewardship funds used for?

Stewardship funds pay for the operating expenses of our Church, including essential services such as utilities, insurance, maintenance, snow removal and items such as supplies and postage. Stewardship funds pay for the annual mandatory assessment by the Archdiocese, which can be over 10% of the annual budget. Stewardship funds also contribute to the payment of salaries for the clergy and the Church staff.

What is the amount of annual operating expenses of St. Nectarios for 2020?

The budgeted expenses this year are approximately $890,000. Like other nonprofit institutions, our Church operates on a breakeven basis, which means that 100% of revenues are used to pay 100% of the expenses.


What does this amount to on a per family basis?

Our Church has approximately 550 stewards/families. That equates to roughly $1,800 per Stewardship pledge, based on the budgeted expenses of $1,000,000.


What does this amount to on a per day basis?

As we have discussed in our “Sponsor A Day” philosophy, it costs approximately $2,800 per day to operate St. Nectarios based on our budgeted expenses of $1,000,000, and $1,400 for half a day.


How much of our operating expenses currently comes from Stewardship?

Approximately 60% of our operating expenses come from Stewardship.


Where do the rest of the funds come from?

The remaining funds come from fundraisers, such as Greek Fest, the Social, and other fundraising activities. We also rely on donations to help pay our operating expenses.


How do I become a steward of the parish?

Membership in the Orthodox Church begins at baptism (Chrismation for some) and continues throughout our life. We are united with Christ through the sacraments, or mysteries, of the Church and through our faithful offering of our entire selves to Jesus Christ. A voting member is over 18 years of age and turns in a signed stewardship commitment card, committing a portion of time, talent and treasure to the Church.


What amount should I consider for my stewardship pledge?

Stewardship is based on encouraging each steward/family to give according to their means. We are all called to give what we can. As noted above, the average annual cost per family to operate the Church is approximately $1,800 ($150/month), the average cost per day is $2,800 (less than $250/month), and the average cost per half day is $1,400 (less than $120/month). If you can financially accommodate an increase in your Stewardship, please consider doing so. Even an extra $100 per year amounts to only $8.33/month.


Why must I commit to give a specific amount?

Please keep in mind that your stewardship of money is kept in the strictest of confidence. However, we do compile the amounts anticipated to better plan our budget.


Is there a minimum amount to be a steward at St. Nectarios? 

There is no minimum amount of stewardship required to be a steward at St. Nectarios. Our Stewardship amount is an example of how much it costs to run our Parish based on our annual budget as a way of humbly asking those that can make such a commitment to help increase our stewardship. We have a vision of expanding our ministries, particularly Youth Ministries, and community outreach and ask those that share that vision to increase their stewardship to help us meet these goals.