St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church

133 S Roselle Rd, Palatine, IL 60067 USA


Sponsor-A-Day Stewardship

A Philosophy Aligned with Our Parish Vision to Grow Our Ministries and Outreach with a Focus on Youth Ministries

Our Parish Vision:

To understand, practice, and proclaim the Orthodox faith, and make the church the center of family life.

Our Parish Mission:

To engage our faithful through our ministries and outreach programs.

Our Parish has flourished since its inception in 1974! Our goal is not to only sustain but grow our Parish membership, ministry offerings, and outreach opportunities. To prepare our community for our children’s children, we need to keep imagining the possibilities for our future! We have dedicated resources to our Pastoral Assistant to the youth and are committed to increase our spend on Youth Ministries year-over-year.

We need to ensure St. Nectarios has the ministries to keep our children close to God and our Orthodox faith!

Just like anyone of our homes or businesses, the Church has expenses to operate. Currently, our expenses are just over $1,000,000 per year. Ask yourself how much you spend on utilities, TV, cell phone, and other monthly expenses? Will you commit to set aside $235 per month to support our Church Mission?

A Stewardship offering of $235 per month (a total of $2,800 for the year) supports a full day of operations for St. Nectarios! Sponsoring one or more days of operations through your Stewardship will provide many more programs for our youth, family activities, and outreach for people in need. Imagine the many ways St. Nectarios can grow and serve you and your family with a larger budget.

We are changing our philosophy on Stewardship: let’s stop trying to avoid a budget deficit and build a surplus that will allow us to make St. Nectarios the Parish of choice, the Parish that lives its spiritual and family-centric vision!

Sponsor one or more days through your Stewardship pledge this year!

Whether you are new to the Parish or have been a steward for many years, welcome to St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church of Palatine, Illinois! We invite you and your family to participate in our abundant spiritual, outreach, social, and youth ministries. Help us grow our ministries and outreach programs with dedication of your time, talent, and treasures to your Church. The Church is here for you and your family to proclaim to the Orthodox faith and make the Church the center of your family’s life!

Financial Contributions Instructions

There are many ways to make your financial contribution to Stewardship at St. Nectarios.


Payable to:          Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church
133 S. Roselle Road
Palatine, IL 60067


Please provide your name, credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), credit card number, and expiration date by either calling the Church office and filling out a Stewardship Card by hand or On-line. You can set up a recurring payment option as well.


Stock donations may provide certain tax benefits (please check with your accounting professional for tax advice).

Eligible securities for donation require the following information supplied to your broker or brokerage firm:


DTC #0235

Credit A/C #7B802179

Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nectarios

 Please notify the Church office when you donate securities and include the name of the securities and quantity so we can confirm receipt with the Church’s banker.