The Welcoming Guild



Activity Days: Sundays

Activity Time: 9:15 a.m.

The Guild operates as ushers helping to keep order in the Narthex and main body of the church as well as organizing parishioners for Holy Communion, assisting young mothers to the cry rooms and greeting parishioners.

Below is a list of the members of the Church guild.  Each team has a captain representative of the Parish Council. The calendar for serving on each Sunday is on the Google calendar and based on a seven week rotating schedule.

Team A

  • Matt Stankowicz (Captain)
  • Constantine Limberakis
  • Dee Stankowicz
  • Jim Kokkinias
  • Ben Durley

Team B

  • George Reimnitz (Captain)
  • Terry Bishop
  • Cindi Varon
  • Erin Ganas
  • Nick Georgakoplolous

Team C

  • Paul Sambanis (Captain)
  • George Kalantzis
  • Chris Ganas
  • Dick Solley
  • Andy Sambanis

Team D

  • Amelia Roper (Captain)
  • Mike Elliott
  • Vicky Shiakallis
  • Joan Kaprouloias-Zepeda
  • Emily House

Team E

  • Alexandra Noon (Captain)
  • Gus Menoudakis
  • Jim Gristsonis
  • Mike Kritikos
  • Maria Eleni Dasakis-Costopolous

Team F

  • Demi Hannon (Captain)
  • Evan Korkofigas
  • Nick Galanis
  • Nick Godellas
  • Chris Conglis

Team G

  • Lucy Raftis (Captain)
  • Karen Vichos (Captain)
  • Team Philoptochos