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“Come and See…Witnessing our Faith in Christ through Works”

Did You Know? Philoptochos means “friend of the poor”  

    • We are the largest Christian women’s organization in the country
    • We are the philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
    • Last year, over $1,623,000 was distributed by National Philoptochos through our national commitments
    • We help support over 25 local charities
    • We prepare meals for the homeless each month
    • We help parishioners and local families in need

'Friends of the Poor' society is a genuine expression of Christian charity and compassion.  Led by a dynamic group of women, whose support and love for those in need has made a difference in numerous lives throughout their distinguished history, this ministry is an integral part of the numerous outreach and care volunteer-opportunities available at our church.  Evident in the multitude of meaningful programs, missions efforts, and fundraising events undertaken throughout the years of its existence, this ministry is inspired by the ancient Orthodox witness of true philanthropia.  A central focus of Christian living for 2,000 years.

Tracing the founding of its modern formation to the beginning of the late nineteenth century, when hundreds of immigrants were arriving daily in the United States from Greece, Asia Minor, and other parts of the eastern Mediterranean, Saint Nectarios' Philoptochos chapter follows the national Philoptochos guidelines, and adheres to the mission and values of the Saint Nectarios community. Like all ministries at our parish, our Philoptochos uses creative group process, and encourages the input of all its members. 

Welcome to anyone interested in being a part of this labor of love, more information is available below, including a letter of invitation from our Philoptochos president.  Please feel free to click on the following links: