Sunday School


Please click this link to register for the 2020-21 school year

Classes will start on Sunday, September 27th at 12noon.

 All classes will be help virtually, via Zoom, every Sunday from 12-12:30pm. This will give parents and children time to come home when attending the Divine Liturgy.

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Sunday School offers an opportunity for the youth of our church (Pre-K to 12th grade) to learn about the Orthodox faith including readings from the Old & New Testaments, significance of religious holidays and feast days, and understanding the lives of the saints. 

 We would like to welcome everyone to a new year of Religious Education.  Teaching children the beauty of the Orthodox Faith is very fulfilling. Our Teachers have  over 200 years of combined experience in bringing the word of God to our youth.  Parents are the first teachers of the Faith as living examples of planting the seeds of God's word, and our teachers expand the experience.  This year we are embarking with a renewed emphasis on incorporating the Orthodox Faith into every aspect of our lives.  To begin, Father Chris's sermon will coordinate with the lessons which are being taught in the classroom.  Information will be shared with parents so that they have the opportunity to discuss and reinforce what the students have learned in class.  It will open up avenues of conversation for the family.  Regular attendance is necessary to enhance continuity from the pulpit to the pupil. 

As in the past, attendance pins will be awarded for attending 2/3 of the Sunday classes.  Outreach projects will be arranged so that students see their Faith in action.

We also look forward to the 6th-High School participants of the St. John Chyrsostom Oratorical Festival in the Spring of 2021. This gives the students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of their Orthodox Christian faith in essay, icons, poems and other outlets. They also have the opportunity to win scholarships from the Metropolis and Archdiocese.

If you are interested in assisting with Sunday School, please contact Catherine Daglas ( or Peter Vichos ( . We look forward to a fruitful year of growing in the vineyard of the Lord.