St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church

133 S Roselle Rd, Palatine, IL 60067 USA





The following are testimonials from some of the Stewards of St. Nectarios

"St. Nectarios has provided my family with a place for our faith to grow.  My children embrace going to church and also love being a part of the youth ministries.  They consider it 'home'."

"My Orthodox Christian faith and St. Nectarios mean everything to me.  It has changed my life and made me a better person.  The church has brought me closer to God and showed me how to be a follower of Christ.  It has taught me to serve God and my neighbor.  I have received love, hope and peace when I rededicated my life to the Lord.  St. Nectarios has also helped me bring my family to the faith and made us closer through the sacraments and ministries offered at the church.  It has been a blessing meeting the people in our community who have become like family to me.  I truly consider St. Nectarios as my second home and am very thankful to be part of this great Church."


“My Church is my life. It is the place where I received and grew up in the faith. With the intercession of Saint Nectarios I continue to live out my life in Christ by the means of my Church in Palatine which has become my home away from home.”  -Sia Sarantopoulos

"It is not difficult to describe the atmosphere at St. Nectarios Church.  St. Nectarios having been a healer both during his lifetime and after has brought many parishioners from both near and far.  The beautiful physical structure is conducive for prayer and meditation. 

"My Orthodox faith is paramount to my life.  It helps me focus, stay calm and be joyous through any trial or tribulation as it is presented.  St. Nectarios is important every day of the year, not just holidays.  Each Orthodox Christian should partake in the Liturgy, and the sacraments, as often as possible.  In doing this, you find peace and a special closeness to God.  God will bless you for doing this.  During Lent and Holy Week we have the opportunity to attend many services.  For most, it is not possible to attend all of the services.  However, try to attend those that are possible for you.  If you do this, you feel God in your life."