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"For I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me" Saint Paul

What are your kids doing on Holy Thursday night? Sign them up for a spiritual overnight of lessons, service, and activities. For 3000 years the Cross has been prefigured in situations where it saved people from hopelessness and death. Can we discover it also in our lives today? The night will focus on the Cross' saving power and its prefigurement in the Old Testament.

The event is organized by the Youth Ministry Office at Saint Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church, Palatine, IL

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YM - Family Nights are hosted on the first and thrid Monday of each month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  This is an opportunity for Orthodox Christian Families to gather for fellowship, prayer, and fun. 

1st Monday of the month -- HOPE & JOY Lesson Plan 3rd Monday of the month -- Jr. GOYA & GOYA Lesson Plan

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 Altar Boys Ministry

Did you know that an Altar Boy represents an Angel in the celestial Altar?  Many adult men reflect fondly about their youth as time spent as an Altar Boy assisting the clergy in the Holy Altar and witnessing the beauty of the Divine Liturgy.  This sacred privilege is open to boys that can recite The Creed and are ready to serve God in His Holy Altar.  

Helpful Youth Oriented Links...

Offered below are more links to our ministries and those offered by the Metropolis of Chicago.

Family Synaxis meets twice a year for retreats that focus on workshops and special lectures geared towards the family. This ministry is headed by the Orthodox Family Ministries of the Metropolis of Chicago with Fr. John Rallis as its spiritual advisor.

The Oratorical Festival, which takes place in the spring is an opportunity for the youth to both learn about their faith and also take steps in public speaking as they prepare a speech on the topics for that year. This is guided by the Sunday School Director.

Fanari Camp is a unique ministry of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, set in the wonderful setting of Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI. Fanari affords the youth of the Metropolis the ability to share their common faith and heritage through its many programs. Literally thousands of young people have attended the camp throughout the years, often attending all six years as campers and then serving many years as staff members. Hundreds of young adults have donated their time to serve as counselors and mentors to our campers since the beginning of this ministry. Countless lifelong friendships were gained and strengthened through the Camp.

  • Winter Camp

In order to continue the spirit and sense of growth that had begun at our Summer Camp program, the Metropolis established a Winter Camp program which pulls together the Metropolis' campers for a mid-school year camp experience. This program has been crucially important because it offers many of the staff and the campers the opportunity to reunite and to refocus on Christ and on the issues discussed during the summer.

I.V. is a summer camp program like no other! Your child gets to experience Greece in a fun camp atmosphere while not only learning about his or her faith, but actually traveling to the locations that we revere, including St. Nectarios on the island of Aegina.