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 St. Nectarios Office Staff

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

847-358-5170 phone  847-358-5193 fax

General E-Mail

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Facility Management

     ~ Allen Lalond

Allen coordinates all of the facility's use including community center rentals.    


 Office Manager 

~ Michelle Sparks

Michelle joined the office staff in November of 2014.  In addition to maintaing  Fr. Peter's schedule, Michelle is responsible for scheduling Sacraments, handling communications, maintaining our website, and producing the weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters.  She also works with all of the various committees, ministries and the Parish Council.  

Michelle can be reached by calling the Church Office at 847-358-5170.

 Administrative Assistant

~ Christina Anthopoulos

In 2013 Christina moved to Illinois from Aurora Colorado. She has worked for a number of years in Business & Office Administration and joined St. Nectarios March of 2017 to fill the open Administrative Assistant position that was available in the parish office.

Christina is very passionate about her family and spends most of her free time engaging in family activities and volunteer work.

 Ways and Means Director

     ~ Christopher Godellas


A member of St. Nectarios since 1983 and heading this ministry as of November 2010, which is responsible for improvements and maintenance to the Church building and grounds. To offer your time and services in the various projects that perpetually come up, please contact the office at 847-358-5170 or email Christopher at