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Flower Ministry

The Flower Ministry is headed by Denise (Sia) Sarantopoulos and Elaine Kepraios who volunteer to decorate the Holy Icons and the Church for the glory of God. Our main objective is to beautify the Church by providing flowers to decorate on the following major Feast Days:

  • Feast of the Annunciation - March 25

  • Sunday of the Holy Cross - Third Sunday of Lent

  • Four Fridays of the Salutations to the Theotokos and one Friday of the Akathist Hymn

  • Palm Sunday and Holy Week

  • Holy Saturday - Anastasi

  • Holy Transfiguration (Metamorphosis) - August 6

  • Dormition of the Theotokos - August 15

  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross - September 14

  • St. Nectarios Feast Day - November 9

  • Holy Nativity Icon - December 24/25