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Feeding the Hungry

Feed My Starving Children

Activity Days: 3rd Thursday of each month                           

Activity Times: Varying  

Did you know that 18,000 children needlessly die each day from starvation?  Sadly, the number of those that are considered starving has increased to approximately 1 billion people during the last 15 years.

But what if there was a way to turn that hunger into hope?  There is!  The Outreach Ministry partners with an organization named “Feed My Starving Children” to pack enough food to feed 25-50 children for an entire year.  Come join your fellow parishioners and other Christians to help feed children all over the world.


Activity Days: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Activity Time: 6:00 p.m. (October through April)

Do you feel a calling to help feed those less fortunate in your local community?  St. Nectarios partners with a local chapter of P.A.D.S. to join with other Christian faiths to feed the homeless.  Our Philoptochos ladies bake food the 2nd Wednesday of the month and Outreach members help serve that food to those in need.