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Awakening @ St. Nectarios

Awakening Strategic Plan Presentation  


Dear St. Nectarios Steward,

On Sunday December 4th, 2011, the General Assembly approved a plan that fundamentally changes the vision of our church.  We are changing the focus away from fundraisers and redirecting our time and talent to encourage active participation in our abundant ministries and outreach programs. This will allow us to proclaim our Orthodox Christian faith and make the Church the center of our family life! This shift also changes how we look at the third aspect of stewardship, treasures.  In this regard, we are asking you to reassess how you give financially. Since the Parish is primarily financed through the pledges of its parishioners, we as individual stewards must change the “how” and the “frequency” of financial support to our church. 

Why the change now?

As discussed and debated by many this year, it is clear that fundraising    is not working to support the operational needs of St Nectarios.  For instance in 2011, with a significant effort made by many people, we held two additional fundraisers to try to fill in the financial gap.  However, these fundraisers were not supported by parishioners and did not achieve their financial goals.   

We need an Awakening now.

In an effort to promote our new vision to help us all become stronger in our Orthodox Christian faith and to bring the church back into the center of our family life, we need to start at home.  So we are asking that you do (2) two things. 

1. Get involved in a Church Ministry

Attend a meeting in the first quarter.  There are so many opportunities for every family member to connect and participate in our church together with other fellow Orthodox.

2. Commit to the recommended pledge amount.

If each of us moves one step up the pledge ladder over the next two years, our pledges will fund the operating budget 100 percent. And in the future, income generated from Greek Fest can be used to fund capital improvements, make principal payments on our mortgage, enhance ministries, and support outreach programs.

We look forward to the exciting changes taking place at our church, and are excited about the opportunity to grow our community and our faith, together.  “Come and See” all that St. Nectarios has to offer.


In Christ’s Work,

The Parish Council of St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church



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